Tax Preparation and Planning Services (Individual)

Individual tax preparation is a major segment in our services. Today’s tax laws are so complicated that filing even a simple return can be confusing. Forms 1040-EZ and 1040A used for less complex situations whereas the form 1040 is used for every type of federal filing. Even if you’re computer savvy, it is easy to overlook credits and deductions. The services rendered for Individuals

  • All Electronic Filing Direct Deposit
  • Amendment Returns
  • ITIN –Form W7
  • Moving Expenses (Changing Jobs)
  • Employer Stock (ESPP, ISO, NQSO, etc.)
  • Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Married Filing Separately vs. Married Filing Jointly
  • Prior Year tax returns
  • All State tax returns
  • Year-round support
  • What should I bring/or submit:

Required Information : Following applicable documents are required for your tax preparation.

  1. Basic Client Information Sheet – Click to download
  2. Copy of Previous year tax return
  3. Documents showing income for the year (W-2’s, W-2G’s, Unemployment Compensation…)
  4. Documents showing expenses reported (Mortgage Interest, Education Payments…..)
For a complete list of documents, click here…